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7 Ways to Break Your Creativity Block

01. Focus on the process.

Forget the result; sometimes starting by coming up with the worst solution, can help you overcome inertia. You don’t emphasize the big picture. The saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” sounds so cliche, but it’s very relevant to this concept.

“The idea is to at least get started.” - Sean McCabe


02. Try a digital detox
Consider doing a digital fast: Try giving up all digital devices for a short period. Like staying away from junk food, try staying away from screens. Many of us spend our days glued to screens. As artists in the digital age, most of us create our work digitally. But sometimes all we need to do is get back to basics.

“Walk away from the computer & draw”. -Gerard Huerta

03. Stay open to new sources

At its core, the realm of open-source research includes any publicly available information. You and your work don’t exist in a vacuum. See what others in your field or your specific discipline are doing. See what rules they’re breaking. “As a general note, I find writing things down can be helpful.” -Johnny Kelly

04. Eliminate visual noise.
We are in mostly in shambles; leaving no room for fertile ground. To regain perspective in life, you need to pause. Decluttering your work area could be the first step in decluttering your mind. Clean your surroundings. You cannot think clearly when there’s a mess around you.

“I try as close as to cleaning my inbox every night” - Adam Grant

05. Don’t keep vacations waiting.
The secret to not killing your vacation revolves around understanding not just your motives, but also your brain and the role it plays in undoing your precious time off. If you have the time and occasion to travel, shake up your surroundings.

“Love my job when I’m on vacation.” - Anonymous

06. Remix, transform, Improve.
Nothing is original. Every piece of art or creative work has and always been influenced by something else. Try to recreate the work of others that you admire, for learning purposes. Try to figure out their process secrets, how the work is put together.

“Good artists copy, Great artists steal” - Pablo Picasso

07. Apply some pressure.
As creatives, we sometimes sit around and wait for inspiration to strike. Maybe it’s a little harsh, but for some, seeking inspiration is just another form of procrastination. Just get down to business. Sooner or later, the ideas will flow.
“Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work.” - Chuck Close

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